Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 147th Edition

Thirteen Things about


I love red and how it brings my imagination to life.

This Thursday Thirteen meme

is brought to you

by the colour


1.... Talking Red I haven't seen telephone Boothe's like this in Melbourne for a very long time, I doubt there are any left.

2.... Eating Red an abundance in the garden of Eden?

3.... Deadly Red We have these nasty, eight legged horrors hiding in all sorts of dark, hidden away places in gardens. They are infamous for hiding in old fashioned 'outside' toilets, and you have to be careful they don't bite your butt, or so rumor has it.

4.... Burning Red not much explanation needed here. Lava is hot and usually out of control and remember Pompeii...

5.... Hot Red hmm! Black lace topped stockings, suspenders and I like to think the dress is silk with real pearls. Very feminine with a slight touch of wicked to spice it all up.

6.... Snow White Red is this the apple that poisoned Snow White or is it a gift for the teacher? All in the imagination, however you want to see it.

7.... Now what kind of Red do we have here? Running away red, or going to Red ?

8.... Fast Red a lovely boy toy, showroom sleek and the type of red little boys, big boys and any kind of boys dream of owning.

9.... Silly Red we all know Elmo wouldn't ruin his health like that.

10... Bossy Red I wonder what he did to upset her? Or am I missing the red point? :)

11...Natural Red glowing in their vibrancy. The green leaves make a soft, almost velvet like backdrop for the flowers.

12... Nearly there Red almost to thirteen. Silk red, imagine anything you like red. It's up to you!

13... Water Red algae, this picture was sent to me by my daughter who is doing her very first Thursday Thirteen with me right now. Well done honey, you beat me to thirteen. Her new blog is Red Embers and her pen name is Corine.

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  1. How neat, I did 13 things orange this week. Doodoo doodoo. We must be on the same wave length.

    let's see-How about seeing red?

    Hearts, tomatoes, apples. Lots of things red come to mind.

  2. Your so clever mum!! I love it.

  3. Great list on RED. I find this color powerful. Thanks for visiting my TT earlier.

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Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
click on the photo for link

Flat Stanley near Castlemaine, Victoria.