Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 151st Edition

Thirteen things about Eaton

1….We have a new granddaughter, Giovanna Ivy and she is delightful. Her skin is olive, her eyes, at this stage are dark brown and her hair is black. Her mum has dark auburn hair and the whitest skin, her daddy has the darker skin, brown eyes and black hair. So no guessing who she takes after. But she has her mummy’s dimples in her chubby little cheeks. When I gave birth to our first son, I had no idea we would grow to be such a big family, sixteen. A miracle of great proportions if you ask me!

2….I like to write, but I am still a little bit awed by the fact that I can write. Sometimes I write with a flourish that surprises me and other times I can’t get a creative word out. I love to write fiction, but I have discovered that my imagination is not light and easy going. I like to explore the more intense, perhaps even dark side of human nature. Please note, I said dark side, not evil and there is definitely a difference. Someone told me a little while ago that my stories are about redemption. I guess that’s true, I can’t leave anybody hurting or un-forgiven.

3….There is a scar under my chin, it’s been there at least 25 years. I got that scar because I was speed roller skating and was so caught up in it all that I forgot to slow down. I hit the wall hard. A dislocated jaw, tetanus injection and sterile strips that take the place of stitches, were the price I paid for my carelessness. The embarrassment was eventually forgotten. Strangely, the scar brings back fond memories and that makes me smile.

4….I can’t quite get used to doing the TT’s about me. I am a little embarrassed that ‘I’ is used so many times and that it is okay to write about myself. I guess Thursday Thirteen meme is the give away here. If I want to be personal, ‘I’ is going to have to be in there somewhere.

5….While I was without my computer last week, I noticed that my house was cleaner, neater and I had a lot more free time during my day. But hey, who needs a squeaky clean house and lots of spare time?

6….Just after Easter, I found my favorite plate in four pieces, wrapped in a towel in my 16 year old daughter’s bedroom. Normally this would mean absolutely nothing to me as I don’t hold things like that in high regard. But, this plate was hand painted by my mother and was particularly beautiful. I was so sad, not because my daughter broke it, or even that she hid it from me. I understood what happened and why. The distress came from the fact that my mum is no longer alive and that the plate cannot be mended without it forever looking patched up. I thought about throwing it away and decided against it. I am going to do something with those pieces to turn it back into a piece of art…all still in my head at this point, but I’m thinking.

7….Since wandering around the amazing number of blogs in the blogosphere, I have discovered that I enjoy photography and have an appreciation of peoples photographic talents. Some of my favorite blogs to visit are purely photography and I can get so lost in them, time means nothing. I had no idea I liked this art form so much.

8….I like to spend time with myself. I never used to enjoy my own company. I always liked to have people around, to be near lots of noise and activity. Funny how I don’t need that anymore and have not for a very long time, finally I can be enough for me.

9….For an hour a day during the week, I like to have real coffee from real coffee beans, away from my home. I like to spend that time writing, journaling or reading. That is of course, if my grown up kids will stop talking long enough to let me. I used to be able to get away on my own but now they drive and can find me…not that I mind, really I don’t. (I'm smiling as I write this.)

10…Earrings are my favorite jewelry. I am very attached to my earrings and my older girls would like to be attached to them too. I have been known to hide them to keep them out of their hands, or should I say ears. I have found them on the ears of one particular daughter, and she knows who she is and will read this TT. It’s always a shock, to find my beloved earrings dangling from someone else’s ears. :)

11…My passion for travel is revived. I have friends that I want to meet face to face and give hugs to. Just knowing them through writing on the net is barely enough. Maybe I will get to America to achieve that dream. And that is the problem with dreams; they become hopes and expectations that fill my mind and won’t let go.

12…Slowly over the last few months a desire to take up photography has been teasing me. I have been thinking about it, but my inner critic has been telling me, “you have no skills in that area, don’t fool yourself.” But I don’t think I am going to listen to that critic any longer, as I have suddenly got ideas to go with the desire…I believe I am going to take photos and post them here on my blog.

13…At last no. 13! It can be quite an achievement getting to this point in a TT. So what am I going to put in it? I had something already written and in place here and then child number seven, who is also seven, gave me this. Her daddy complained that somebody put chocolate finger marks all over the passenger door handle of his car. He suggested the culprit (16 year old daughter), clean it off. Number seven, suggested: “Why don’t you lick it off?”

Happy Thursday Thirteen!

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  1. Well, this was very interesting! #3 REALLY made me wince. A dislocated jaw?

    And I'm glad you're not going to throw out the plate your mum painted. Broken glass and tile art seem to be very popular.

    As for #12, GO for it! I love taking photos--it's a different way of looking at and seeing the world. Anyone can do it, even someone from down under. :-)

  2. These are great. Thanks for sharing. Maybe you could use the broken plate pieces to make, shoot, I can't remember what it's called, but a collage of pottery things.

  3. Great TT :)

    #5- I so agree! I have had the same experience.

    #6- You could make a mosaic...Take something broken and turn it into something beautiful (again) :) Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog. We love The Goonies as well! It's one of my hubby's faves :)

    Have a great week!

  4. Sometimes when I re-read what I've written I hardly recognize it. I can't even tell what I'd originally planned on doing with the chapter I'm revising in my WIP right now.

    As to photos, I'd love to see them. Don't be afraid to post even if you don't think they're good. I just post them too.


Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
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Flat Stanley near Castlemaine, Victoria.