Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 159th Edition

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things about Eaton

Teenagers; I have two living at my house (grimace). They are an unknown quantity at the best of times. Some days are wonderful, most days are like a minefield of emotional quicksand, waiting for the unsuspecting mother or father to step into and find themselves neck deep and sinking fast.

1....Teenagers are always hungry and from the time they turn 13 your cooking is never good enough or fast enough or tasty enough. I taught mine to cook way before they were thirteen because past experience prepared me for what was to come. Four teenagers worth of experience before these two.

2....How is it possible that their voices take on a new cadence, LOUD. Nothing is ever said within a normal decibel range. And their music tastes leave much to be desired, especially when they discover the base button on their CD players. If allowed, the house would be full of that special beat that is akin to the dull thud of a monster's heart beat.

3....Messy is the new neat. I find their belongings strewn carelessly everywhere and anywhere. Don't they know this stuff costs money. When they can't find something, I am expected to know exactly where they left the item(s). If I don't know where the item(s) is to be found, then I must be 'losing it'.

4....Overbearing! When did they become so 'know it all” and when did I suddenly become so 'dumb'.

5....Makeup, no matter how much they own, mine is always better.

6....Clothes, if something of mine is missing I know exactly where to look and it is usually at the bottom of their mountainous pile of belongings.

7....Shoes, I have had more pairs of shoes ruined in one teenage wearing than I would manage to do in months of wear.

8....They are seemingly unaware of the dangers of walking in the dark; alone.

9....and want to be experimental in every way a parent could perceive is dangerous.

10..Outrageous in their world views and perceptions of life and horrifically vocal as well.

11..Did I mention that they are bottomless black pits when it comes money.

12..Emotional drama queens...need I say more.

13..They used to be my babies and I love them. Reminds me of a saying “Only a mother could love a teenager.”

Having written all this, I have to say their redeeming qualities are amazing. They can decimate all my negative feelings with one hug or smile and turn from argumentative, almost strangers, to the 'loves' I used to know and make the world a shining place again; all in a blink of their beautiful eyes.

Happy TT :)

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  1. I think my six year old is a teenager. LOL. Happy TT.

  2. Oh no. My two are 13, and 11 and have been doing a lot of this for a while already. Yikes.

  3. LOL @ pussreboots. I think my four year old is one as well. YIKES!

  4. I loved this! Brought back some very similar memories!
    I guess I was lucky to be bigger than them, so they left my clothes and shoes alone. But my make up was "free for all!"


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