Friday, November 7, 2008

Seven Bookish Things About Me

I've been tagged by Heather and I'm going to come out to play.
Here are seven bookish things about me. :)

1....I have my favorite series by certain authors. Once I get to know the characters and like the writer's style, I want to read until there is nothing left by that author to read. Often I will read the series again, not too often though, because I don't want to tire of the stories. I think I might be a bit like a squirrel, stashing my favorites away for a rainy day just in case I run out of new reading material. (tongue in cheek here)

2....I have read stories where the characters have become like personal friends and it has broken my heart to come to the end of the series. Been so hard to say goodbye to them...these are definitely the books I squirrel away.

3....I store my books in three different places. On my night table, in the TBR pile, bookshelves around the house and in the storage space in our ceiling. The TBR pile speaks for itself. The bookshelves around the house are there because I may not have finished with them yet and the ones in boxes in the ceiling space are my all time favorites; yep, the squirrelled away ones.

4....I do not like to loan books to people, it's hard to keep track of who you loaned what to. I have lost a few books that way. I would rather give them away.

5....I don't like to damage novels, but have no compunction about writing all over a book I am studying on an intellectual level. I like to look back on the notes I made to discover things about myself. Have I changed my thoughts on the scribblings or do I still relate on the same level? Personal notes on books can be very revealing!

6....I don't buy hard covers, the cost is usually prohibitive to me as I still have high school kids in my house and their text books and stationery are exorbitantly priced. Plus I like the supple feel of a paperback, they handle easier. :)

7....Cover art plays a ridiculously important role in my choosing an unread author's book. I am attracted to sensual, rich colors and creative designs. Often covers with classical art works, I find very hard to resist. If a book cover draws me to run my hands over it, I'm already halfway to buying the book. I have been disappointed in the contents of a book that way...but I'm a sucker for a great book cover.

That's all, who are my random tags?

Mary, Danica, Eden, Karen, Nicholas, Mielikki, Patti, Betty


  1. I did that one a few days ago... lots of fun to see people's book tastes.

  2. Very interesting. Again. Now that I´m into blogging, I read much less than I used to, which is a bit sad. But I still love to read!

  3. tripped over a platypus getting here....
    of course I will play along, look for it Monday :)

  4. Thanks for tagging me! I'll try to get that done one day this week.

    I've enjoyed all your beautiful pictures!

  5. Great list, Eaton. It's been interesting reading how alike or dissimilar peoples' reading habits are. Thanks for playing along!


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Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
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