Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 172nd Edition

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things about Eaton

It's very late here in Melbourne, I should be in bed attempting to sleep. But I can't until this TT is finished. I wanted to have it done already, but all sorts of things have jumped the queue. Plus I have no idea what I am going to write. I'm on a wing and a prayer here.

1....To start with, happy Thanksgiving to all my blogging friends. Have a wonderful day!
We don't celebrate this holiday here in Australia, but my heart is with you all.

2....Rain has finally come to Melbourne. Thunder, lightning and hail stones. I listened to the rain twice today. The soft pitta patter of the gentle downfall around lunchtime was
soothing. While the thunder, lightning and hail stones around dinner time were electric. I have missed the rain, just like my land has.

3....Listening to and watching the rain leads my thoughts to windy days and nights. There are emotions I experience when I hear the wind. A soft breeze rustling leaves on a tree is lulling, makes we want to sit outside and day dream. A gusty day irritates me, especially when I want to hang the washing and the clothesline spins around, always just out of reach. Howling winds at night make me want to huddle under my blankets and just listen, knowing I am safe out of the wind.

4....Thinking of the wind leads me to thinking about hot, sultry nights with no wind at all. These nights have a feel all of their own. It's difficult to sleep, I end up tossing, turning and irritable. But I enjoy these nights as well. I like the almost silence of them. I say almost silence, because the night is never silent. There are always little nuances of noise if we listen. Depending on the time of night the noises change too.

5....Crickets, mosquito's, possums in the trees, the neighbor's cat rummaging in our tiny front yard, are just some of the noises on a still summers night. We have a possum, or two, that play on the roof and branches near our bedroom window. I can tell the time by these furry little fellas.
Around 11.00pm is playtime for them.

6....The traffic sounds change by the hour as well, especially noticeable around midnight and later. Cars are fewer on the roads and really the only road traffic I hear are police sirens or an ambulance.

7....The only sounds I can hear right now are the hum of the desk top computer my thirteen year old forgot to turn off. Even my refrigerator is on the off cycle. It really is quiet here tonight.

8....I used to be so afraid of the dark and the wind. I would never go outside on my own.
Somewhere along the way I ditched those fears. I often stand outside in the dark and love it. The solitude is liberating, almost intoxicating. Exotic is a word that comes to mind for the moon, no matter what phase it is in. The stars are captivating and I never cease to be amazed at the beauty of the heavens.

9....Standing in the dark on my own has led me to pray for my family and dearest friends. I think it is very hard not have some communication with God and some spiritual awareness of heaven while staring up at the awesome expanse of the night sky.

10...One night the moon was so amazing that I took my camera out into the middle of the road
and snapped a half dozen shots of it from a few different angles. That was a very spontaneous act on my part. But I got a really good photo out of it, which I used as a prompt for my Haiku titled, Moonlight.

11...I have been known to hang my washing up in the dark, just because I want to be outside. Mind you I'm not so keen on that in the winter, better to be inside all cosy and warm.

12...I work nights, so I get to drive home in the dark. I even enjoy that! Quiet roads, very little traffic, my music up as loud as I want and me all by myself.

13...You might gather that I am a night're right, I am. Always have been and I can't see me changing. I have also learnt that with a home full of children, the only time to be by myself, really by myself, is when everyone is in bed; asleep. So why would I want to be asleep? No good reason I can think of...well, eventual exhaustion might be one!

Happy TT! :)

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  1. I love the flow of this. It's such a nice glimpse into your life.

    Happy TT!

  2. Electrifying lightning? lol. Mary's right, this has wonderful flow.

  3. This was a great post. I could just imagine myself there. I love thunderstorms and lightning.
    It is life bringing and whoever hasn´t experienced the drought before such a storm, does not know what a great sight it is!


Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
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Flat Stanley near Castlemaine, Victoria.