Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - 5th Week of the New TT!

Today is the 5Th February, 2009. It's an special day for me.
It one year to the day that I started this blog. Today is the blogaversary
of Passionate Fiction, which means it's my anniversary as well.

I knew it was coming, had it in mind for the last two weeks, but it was
halfway through today before I thought to check in my profile to see what
day it actually fell on. Funny that I should look on the exact day that I
wrote my first words in this blog a year ago. You wanna see 'em? Not sure
I do...but someone once told me "Don't despise small beginnings."

1....My first blog

2....The cutest friends I've made on blogland are Lola and AppleJack.
You can see them in the photo up above, my TT header this week. I met
these furry cuties when I left a comment or two on their blog, the Bunny
Lounge and on my next visit found the photo of Lola and ApppleJack with
a piece of paper with 'We Love you Eaton" written on it. That sweet
gesture won my heart instantly.

3....I started this blog with the idea that it would hold the amazing
amount of passionate fiction I was going to write. And I did write some
that is way back in the blog. I got 'em listed on my side bar if you would
like to read.

4....Something happened to me last Easter, I discovered poetry for the
first time since leaving school. It took me with force and not only did
I start reading it, had a go at writing my first poem. "Addiction". You can
find that in the sidebar as well. Oh, yeah everything is under the heading
'labels' back up there on the right. I have come a long way with my poetry
since my first naive attempts. Even branched out and wrote some Haiku,
which I still love to write.

5....Way back last year when all this blogging started, I had good friends
and still do on the Writer's Retreat Blog. They have become exceptionally dear to me and through meeting Mary, Randomness of Me, on that Forum, I met her husband Ric, My Expressions Live! That man kept me alive in the very first months of blogging...he commented unfailingly and I don't think I have the ability to express how much that meant with out getting all sappy. But you get the picture Ric.

6....I even divulged secrets about myself on here. My fascination with
tattoos. I don't have any, not that any of you are going to be able to
check that out, you just have to take my word for it. But I love creative,
artistic tattoos and am intrigued as to why people get them. If you have read
any of my short stories, you will know that a few of my male characters
have tattoos, mostly of dragons...the beast within, hmmmmm.

7....I found my way to Thursday Thirteen and have loved it ever since. At first it was difficult for me to write things about myself. I felt very naked,
like everyone could see me, so I had better be careful what I say. I still
feel a little that way, but I think, hope, my TT's aren't so stiff or as formal
as the first few were.

8....Wordless Wednesday came across my radar, but I didn't join in for a very
long time, just appreciated everyone eleses. I love Wordless Wednesdays for their general lack of words. Just upload the photos, click publish and your done. Easy and relaxing and full of fun looking at and commenting on as many other participants as you can.

9....Then I made up my mind to fulfill my longstanding desire to take
photographs, started up another blog Country Down Under and blogged
photographs from around the state of, Victoria, Australia. I've blogged
four different lots of photos on that blog from drought stricken, desolate
gold country, to a couple of country towns and beaches in Adelaide. I have
become addicted to photography. I feel the art of it inside me.

10....Ruby Tuesday , I adore red and this photo meme run by Mary/TheTeach
is amazing. I am absolutely in love with Ruby Tuesday and all the wonderful photographers I've come across. There is something about ruby/red that inspires me, always

11....Music; took me a while but I finally uploaded what I really like to my music
player. I think and hope my music choices reflect me and my writing more now
that the original stuff I chose.

12....It's funny but it has taken me quite a while to feel comfortable giving more
of who I really on here. I still hold back a bit, not sure who I really am perhaps,
still learning, a work in progress, as I have read other people declare.

13....This has been an amazing year for me. Discoveries, learning, battles with my
inner critic and excitement. And a definite love/hate relationship with Html...LOL
I still have no real idea on how to fix Html mistakes, drives me nuts sometimes.
I guess that is all part and parcel of blogging. You know, there are some very Html
savvy people who blog and thank goodness they are happy to help out. Thank you
to those generous people. And thank you to everyone who comes by here and leaves
me comments and encouragement. I appreciate you all so very much.

PS. Thank goodness someone invented 'spell check'. Many thanks to that person.
I had no idea my spelling was sooooo bad. Only thing is, as time rolls on my
spelling is not improving, just my reliance on spell check is growing.

Happy TT, everyone! :)

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EDIT: As you can see, today is hate day with Html, can anybody help me with
this crazy layout? I have tried everything I know to correct this...LOL What is it with Html...grrr!



  1. Happy Blog anniversary! I love tattoos too! My husband has one of those armband ones. He designed it himself and it has all 3 of our initials in it. Mine and out 2 daughters.

  2. Happy Blogiversary! Isn't it amazing the difference between the the beginning of the blog and now? I wonder what this year will have in store.

    Oh, and html is EVIL!

  3. Happy happy blogiversary!! You are doing awesome and I hope you are here to stay! It only gets better!

  4. yay! Happy blogaversery Eaton! So glad you decided to blog

  5. My sexy down under girl....You probably didn't know this but number 13 on mine is a down under girl too! I have enjoyed reading and commenting on your site, we have been support too each other thats for sure. Do you remember when we started...we were commenting on each others, now look at our sites, the hits, wow! Today was a record day for me, thank you for being a great friend, sharing and trusting me. I should comment more often than I do, I am truely sorry that I don't more often. Somehow or another I felt that I could watch from the sidelines, being you have such a following, however, the truth of the matter is....I like what you write..your a talented friend...special friend...that I hope....really hope..we get to meet someday! I would love for you to come here, climb on the back of my bike, and we can ride off and get tats together. I also hope that someday I can fly to Austraila and you can give us a tour of the amazing place. BYZ...xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox.....Congrats on a fabulous year....and thank you for being BYZ. My friend...MUAH...xoxoxo

  6. Happy Blogiversary! and I just found you. LOL!

    Love those buns!

  7. Happy Blog Anniversary! I don't even know when mine is! I think it must be a couple of years, because I started it when I got prego with my son....

    I enjoy reading your blog...keep it up...

    BAD html... BAD

  8. I totally blew past my first two blogoversaries. I was barely aware of the first one. Maybe I'll do something like this for the next one.


Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
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Flat Stanley near Castlemaine, Victoria.