Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - 9th Week of the New TT!

This weeks Thursday Thirteen is not about me,
well I suppose it is because I laughed at all of them.
It's about computer humor and I'm pretty sure the
following will speak for themselves. I found some
really unusual body art and stuck it in on the way
down, just because, in the end I didn't have enough
humorous pics anyway. So really this is a bit of a
hodgepodge just like my week has been so far.

Strange and unusual things have filled my week.
Have you ever heard the saying "The plans of mice
and men."? It means that whatever you had planned
someone/s is going to come along and toss your
plans aside for theirs. But, I'm still smiling and
breathing, so what could be better than that.
Happy Thursday Thirteen everyone. :)

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  1. I love it! The toons are priceless and those "camo" shots are amazing.

    But I really, really gotta have me one of those desktop coffee makers. do you suppose they have an espresso plug-in for them?

  2. I might need the monitor airbag...

  3. Oh, those are hilarious, especially the overused mouse.

    I posted a TT also. Feel free to drop by and enter my contest while you're visiting. Thanks.

  4. Those were great. I love the "F1! F1! F1!" hee hee I'm thinking though that there won't be any computer geeks at the beach to save him. ha ha

  5. oh and I have no idea how to keep your tile looking should see my poor shower! it's pittiful, I just want to rip out the tile and start over in there.

  6. This was great!! I LOL at the couple shopping in their underwear.
    Thanks for the laugh!

  7. I think the airbad thing could be a real hit ... Although with my laptop, it would probably be inflated all the time.

    Happy TT! I hope that your week is getting better!

  8. Thanks for the laugh....I think my mouse looks like the top one...LOL!

  9. What a great post. You gave me a much needed chuckle. Thanks.

  10. I wonder what the painted ladies were wearing before they were photoshoped.

  11. hahahaha! these are great. I love the fourth one! Thanks for the giggle.

  12. I can identify with many of those, sadly.
    For some reason, though, I really love the overworked mouse one...

  13. Some great and funny pics. My favourite was the nine month download one.

  14. Times sure have changed. Have you heard of the Pomegranate phone that makes coffee.


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Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
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