Tuesday, March 9, 2010

55 Flash Fiction Friday & Through Time

Something a little different from my pen this week. I had thoughts of other things but they needed more concentration and thought than I had space for amongst all the people in my house today...promised myself I would start earlier in the week for the 55, but that didn't happen either. At least I have an offering this week.

Have a great weekend everyone! :))

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Paw prints in dewy grass
tracked in the morning light
across the deck down to the
parsley patch - tastes like lollies
to a rabbit sniffing the dawn air.

He smells Autumn's arrival tempered
with a lazier, softer ambiance
than the Summer just passed,
with its electric heat that
dripped humidity under a blazing sun.

P.S. you might like to read the other poem in this post...check below.

Borrowed Image
by George Eastman.

Transported by a tympani of steadily falling
rain sluicing from the roof; I sit, watching you
dance in the deluge, cold droplets
dripping from your chin.

You haven't yet sensed my intent study of
your eyes searching a distant view with
focused intensity, turning the whiskey color
a different hue.

Raspberry colored lips twist wistfully
into a smile, whispering indiscernible
words--a name, a prayer, lover's thoughts
drifting away on the air;

In the blink of an eye, I wonder: was I
really there?




  1. Beautiful words on the passing of the seasons.

  2. Ah, that's right! You're on the other side of the world for me. The rabbits here are having a completely different experience.

    I like the "In the blink of an eye, I wonder: was I
    really there?" line.

  3. wonderful 55...really enjoyed the other poem as well...thank you.

    my 55 is up!

  4. Oh yeah...Your Winter is approaching..What A Drag!
    Excellent 55 though Eaton.
    You Rock The Land Down Under!
    Thank you for Both of these marvelous poems...
    Please have a Kick Ass Week-End..

  5. Here we are all pining for spring after an unusually harsh winter. But then I see where you are from. (A place I've always wanted to visit) This takes me back but a few short months ago. Lovely. Thanks for directing me here!

  6. I enjoyed the wordings in this, really beautiful. Thanks!

  7. Wow..this was beautiful following his tracks.
    I think the second is real sharp!
    I got a little wider view of your world without getting lost.
    Regina- (I'm glad you managed to slip these in)!


Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
click on the photo for link

Flat Stanley near Castlemaine, Victoria.