Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I don't think I'll know this side of death... 55 FFF

I often wonder if you received it
and if you did, how
did you feel it, or was it a thought
a knowing deep inside, did it come
as a whisper or a cry, that prayer I said
the one where I asked you to forgive me

did you forgive me? I never heard back...


It's weeks since I wrote a 55 for G-daddy, way too many. Family commitment is the culprit keeping me from blogging...but this week I wrote it early and posted early so I didn't miss out. Hope y'all find this 55 interesting. :)

Join in the 55 FFF fun with G-man at Mr. Knowitall, have a great weekend!

A whole lot of love,



  1. That can feel tough, not knowing if we are forgiven, but what really matters is forgiving ourselves and moving on. And what a gift we give ourselves when we forgive another, or ourself.

    Lovely 55!


  2. Being able to forgive ourselves is just as hard as having others forgive us. Welcome back too 55!

    55 Flash Fiction Friday: Time Out

  3. That one packs some feeling.
    That question might always loom in the back of our minds

    Glad to have you back at 55 land

  4. but the answer is yeah...
    you are...and the act of asking sometimes is the hardest step...
    nice 55...

  5. Eaton...
    This was very touching.
    And boy were you ever missed!!!
    Powerful and Excellent My Dear.
    Thanks for playing, don't be such a stranger, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. beautiful 55, my friend.
    we somewhat stand at the same spot today, ...

    loved your 55.
    brilliantly written!

  7. Great feeling in this. It's one of the hardest things to do.

  8. Thanks guys, I am thoroughly welcomed back. :))

  9. oh i know what you mean!! welcome back i too have missed many posts but i managed a 55 this morning!!

  10. This a very touching 55. Glad you are back.

  11. So many memories flood back just reading these simple yet elegant 55 words. Forgiving ourselves is all that matters otherwise we can't move on.

    Mine's Bumper-to-Bumper Traffic.

  12. Forgiveness is an important step in living and loving one another, and forgiving our selves is even harder.

    Lovely 55er,


  13. I think you've touched on what often goes through our minds? We have to trust..but its human, I know I can relate. Forgiveness is so important huh. I love your thought provoking words you've penned here.
    I can understand commitments, yet it is great to hear from you..even if you can get something down in the hustle and bustle like this Hope your having a wonderful weekend-

  14. That's why it's important to say your apologies as soon as you realize the need for one.

  15. Wow. Short and powerful. Awesome. I love it!

  16. http://bigtentpoetry.org/2010/09/come-one-come-all-september-17/comment-page-1/#comments

    I could not find your comment, they may not approve it unless your link is an entry to their word challenge...
    Thanks for letting me know.
    HaPPY Saturday!
    Hope to see you in poetry potluck tomorrow.


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