Monday, November 15, 2010

farewell... Monday Potluck

A nuance of pain
indefinable in the
emptiness of

Did we mirror each
other in the mutual
field of despair

No it was only my
desperate hope
that lingered in an
improbable moment

I searched but found
no sorrow in you

how sad

Silently I shed my tears
in a transcendent span of


Emotions and feelings eh! Well not all of 'em are good ones, but they all make wonderful fodder for poetry.
Have a wonderful Monday, Potlucker's and a great, inspired week.

Lots of love,

Eaton.  :))


  1. you are right, emotions are a great source of inspiration in writing poetry and this piece is sad but awesome!

    Bye For Now

  2. this is a very exciting poem you have- wonderfully expressed!

  3. so true, Eaton,

    regardless what types of emotion we carry, they inspire us to write beautiful poetry...

    way to go.
    Thanks for sharing your talent with potluck.
    you are dear to have!

  4. Verily so are the lesser of the emotions the ones that are artistically more drawn, especially when they are only of one sided concern. Great write.

  5. Yes, Eaton, "how sad." But how common. Our pain adds depth to our poetry, doesn't it?

    Thanks for your kind comments on my poem.


  6. The emotions that tug at the heart leave longer impressions. Thanks for sharing this poem.

  7. heartbreak and sadness beautifully expressed

  8. great piece. very sad ending. nice job!

  9. I like this piece, the ending stanza needs a little work, but overall ... it's a classic farewell, many of us can relate to. A refreshing read.

  10. Dear Eaton
    Its beautiful. I can relate to this one very much... did we mirror each other in mutual despair... what beautiful lines...
    thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  11. Grave feelings together with a superb wordplay gives a beautiful poem! Eaton, you've done it again!!! Sad reflections, teary goodbyes, the ifs and buts... very well done, my friend!!

  12. Oh, I just saw your clock. You're in Australia. For some reason, I thought England. Sorry, Eaton!

    You are write about emtions ... and poetry is mostly emtion, isn't it.

    Fine poem and a true one. We've all had our last goodbyes, unfortunately. Well wrought. An unusual and creative visual structure. Like the complementary photo too. Well done!

    Happy Potluck, Eaton.

  13. Wow! I just caught the typos in my comment. Too late! One interesting error though.

  14. ah, there is nothing better than emotion to get one writing!!! great piece!

  15. thanks for linking up with potluck.

    award/treats for you. smiles.

  16. Your poem swaddled in some of my forgotten memories... thank you!

  17. I liked the form of your poem and especially these lines: "I searched but found
    no sorrow in you."

    They stood alone with a lot of power. nice work.

  18. How r u? It is a lovely day, I am pleased to be here and give my gratitude to you for your love at Jingle Poetry. Week 11 is open NOW,
    You are welcome join us for another week of fun, old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome.
    Let me know if you need further assistance.
    you are the best!

  19. Eaton, thanks for all your kind comments on my poetry blog (thegoobery).
    I especially love this poem; it speaks to me. Checking out Jingle Poetry to see what I've been missing. See you there!

  20. andareoltre-anna@blogspot.itDecember 21, 2010 at 10:31 AM

    Riesci a tirar fuori le emozioni più nascoste. Non smettere mai di scrivere e donare un brivido a chi ti legge...


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Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
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