Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 146th Edition

Thirteen Things about people and events that have inspired me and/or taken my breath away; written in random order...

1.... The birth of my first baby and every baby thereafter: inspired me, filled me with hope and left me in awe of the miracle that procreation is. As my husband and I await the birth of our seventh grandchild, we are just as awed by the gift of life and just as impatient to meet this grandchild as we were to meet our first child.

2.... A friend: who will love me and express that love no matter what I do or who I am and that I can return that same degree of love. I believe that is the greatest gift of friendship two people can bestow upon one another.

3.... The Wailing Wall ( ha kotel): no one told me that the next turn into a narrow walkway would have us looking down at the Wailing Wall. I was stunned at the amazing sight before me, speechless I think. I was looking at the foundation stones of the Holy of Holies, the Temple were the Arc of the Covenant was kept and where GOD met with his High Priests - Awesome!

4.... Love: the myriad of emotions and feelings that come with love, no matter the type are inspiring, awesome and breath taking.

5.... My first love: I still remember him and think of him with affection after all these years, wonder what happened to him? Does he wonder what happened to me? :)

6.... Dancing: I love the Tango, but sadly we don't go dancing anymore and I am so out of practice. But what an *inspiring* dance that is!

7.... A beautiful Sunrise or Sunset: always makes me feel that all is well with the world, very calming in the chaos of life.

8.... A handsome Man: certainly is inspirational and can improve even the most boring of my days. What is one woman's candy is not necessarily going to appeal to some one else - I truly believe beauty is the eye of the beholder.

9.... Creepy Crawly: coming upon one unexpectedly surely can take my breath away, set my heart to thumping too.

10.. The radio: turning it on and finding my favorite song, or piece of music, has inspired me. At times when the music has been associated with people I have been thinking about, then yes, my breath has been taken away with surprise.

11.. Talent: discovering that I have a talent for something new is definitely inspirational and exciting and sometimes even a bit overwhelming.

12.. The beach: i love the beach more than any where else. The constant ebb and flow of the water is totally relaxing. It is very hard to remain stressed when looking at all that water and feeling the sand beneath my feet. Sea gulls, shells and the smell of seaweed all remind me of my childhood and that of my children too. I even love the beach when it is rough, the sky is grey and it looks and feels desolate - now that I find inspirational!

13.. Dressing up: wearing pretty clothes, sexy shoes and makeup is inspiring and fun. On occasion, I have even taken my own breath away with the fact that I can still get it all together :)

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  1. What a cool list, Byz! I love all the wonder you express at the world - that's a rare gift, to remain in awe of creation. So many times we become jaded, accustomed to what's around us. I like how you call it out and note the beauty of each.

  2. I loved this TT. You captured the beauty of life and the small moments that make the ride worth it.
    I am now inspired by the words you have written:)
    They helped me remember what makes life magical.


  3. I think I love the beach more than anyplace else, too (well, except for my bed...MY space, my refuge). It's just something about the water, all the colors of blue, and the breeze against my face. Nature can help the spirit.

    Nature can destroy it, too, but that's the dangerous beauty of it.

  4. Thank you for stopping by Brain Freeze. I don't know how you found my blog, but I'm glad that you did.
    I really like this list and may use something similar very soon.
    Our grandkids find new ways to take my breath away on a regular basis.
    Sorry I'm late with this, but I'll probably be back.
    Best wishes.


Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
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Flat Stanley near Castlemaine, Victoria.