Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 163rd Edition

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things about Eaton

I had been procrastinating about this TT, unable to decide what to do and what picture to use as the header. I took a walk in my very small back garden at 11.12am Melbourne time
. Came back inside, picked up my lap top and now at 12.18pm Melbourne time writing this TT Al Fresco. It's cloudy, windy, warm and inspirational.

The header is a photo of our newest granddaughters, Giovanna and Frieda. The topic is from Heather's blog, 'Life meme' . I can spot a great idea when I see one, so here g

1...Taken a candlelit bath.
So long ago that I don't remember when it was.

2...Said I love you and meant it. Not something I would say if I didn't mean it from my heart.

3...Gone to a huge sports game.
Aussie Rules (Football), at the MCG...loved the football, hated all the noise.

4...Grown and eaten my own vegetables. Delicious!

5...Changed a baby's nappy. Definite yes to that one. We have seven children and eight grandchildren. Couldn't count the number of nappies.

6...Gotten drunk on champagne. Cringe!!

7...Danced like a fool and not cared who was looking. Not that long ago either.

8...Actually felt happy about your life, even f
or just a moment. Often and for long periods at a time. Life is an awesome gift, not to be taken for granted.

9...Taken care of someone who was too drunk. That person shall remain nameless.

10...Gone to a drive in theatre. They were a lot of fun way back when.

11...Gotten married. Yes, 36 years ago this November.

12...Gone without food for five days. Joined my hubby on a liquid fast for his health, I lasted nine da
ys... he, ten.

13...Got flowers for no reason. Yes, same hubby loves me!

I couldn't resist adding one more...

14...Eaten shark.
And Kangaroo and Crocodile. Shark is the fish used in fast food 'fish and chips' in Australia and is known as 'flake'. Ah, in Melbourne it is.

The photo below is of blossoms in my back garden
. It's spring here and there are blossoms and flowers everywhere. I like spring the most of all the seasons. Renewal and hope in abundance.

Happy TT :)

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  1. I wrote a post a while back titled Dance Like No One is Watching(I think that was the title:))I'm all about dancing like a fool.

    Great TT

  2. Great TT! Your granddaughters are growing so quickly. They are lovely!

  3. Loved reading about the topics you singled out from the life meme. Your newest grandbabies are adorable!

  4. This has got me thinking about all kinds of things. For instance, I don't think I've EVER gone to a huge sports game. The biggest would be High School football, of which I attened only those games I felt I had to (ie, on a dare)

  5. The granddaughters are too cute. They will love growing up and playing together since they are so close in age!

    I have eaten shark too! I cooked it at home and I wasn't too impressed. Probably didn't cook it right.

  6. stop by! I have an award for you!


Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
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Flat Stanley near Castlemaine, Victoria.