Thursday, October 30, 2008


My experience...DON"T play with it! Html, that is. It's got it's own mind and I can't always fathom what's in that cyber mind. Once you get BIG text, how the heck do you get small text again...? Anybody know the answer to this perplexing question? Well, the question that perplexes me anyway. :)


  1. The only part of the size code I've cracked so far is to look for where it says "minimize" in the sharp brackets and delete them out to get back to normal size.

  2. I put this over on mine, but thought maybe I should put it here too:

    I haven’t messed around with Blogger enough to know how they do it. In WordPress you have a tab right above the text field where you can go from what it looks like including pictures and such to the actual HTML code. All the HTML stuff is in sharp brackets, the ones that look like this: “”. Most of the time when WordPress does something funky with my letter sizes there will be the word “small” or “minimize” somewhere in those brackets. I just go in and delete it wherever I find it. Sometimes that fixes it. Sometimes I have to start over from scratch.

  3. HTML is evil! Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh, but all that ever happens when I mess with it is that I get frustrated and lose hours and hours of my life.

    *Hugs* to you as you figure it out.

  4. Have fun figuring it out! I nominated you for an award on my blog, so check it out!

  5. do you want the text size changed in your template, ie, forever? or just a certain bit of text inside a post?

    If you want to permanently change it on the template, go to your dashboard, click on the Layout tab, then choose the "Fonts and Colors" link on the next line down from the tabs.

    There's a menu box on the left where you can choose different parts of your blog and customize the colors and fonts. When you get to the type of font you want to change, select it, and then you can change the color, size, and style.

    If you're using a standard blogger template this should work swell. It looks like you have a nice customized one though, which means it may or may not work. If your custome template was built to follow blogger conventions, it may still work. Mine, for example, does not -- I believe the way the designer coded it overrides the way the customization options work.

    I have managed to hack in and change the font sizes in a few places, but not everywhere I wanted. I only know enough HTML to be dangerous, and decided to quit while I was ahead.

    If it's just a little bit of text inside a specific post, and the blogger formatting tool isn't working, you probably have the same problem I do, in that your custom style coding is overriding the way blogger uses variables to let you change the size.

    good luck --


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