Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 170th Edition

Thursday Thirteen

The men I work with!

Thirteen things about Eaton

I work in a male dominated Italian restaurant and some of those men I love in a myriad of ways, just because of who they are and how they respond to me as their workmate and friend of four years.

I borrowed the idea from My expressions LIVE! blog, he did a TT last week on what he loves about women. I'm not following his lead exactly because it would get me in trouble, being a married lady and all. So here is my adaptation of his idea and my dedication to the 'loves' of my working life.

1....N, because he forgave me 30 seconds after I told him I had put a big dent in his car with my car.

He makes me laugh when there is absolutely nothing to laugh about.

2....LB, he is a sweetie and always ready to help when things get frantically out of hand, which they often do.

3....AC, treats me like a person, not a mom or grandma, even though the age difference is huge.

4....BB, laughs at my jokes and actually thinks I am funny, I really love this guy.

5....R, crazy non English speaking dishwasher, always has the biggest smiles for me.

6....C and R, kitchen hands that always have time to ask how I am and tell me about their lives and ask about mine.

7....Pizza delivery boys, friendly fun guys and such amazing eye candy.

8....T, my boss and the restaurant owner, the most patient, understanding boss I have ever had!

9....L, the person I take my frustration out on and yell at, if things are not going well.

10..A, my manager and friend who took the risk and employed me anyway. If he was reading this he would know exactly what I mean.

11...RD, the boss's son and the sweetest, most helpful, optimistic young man... really handsome too.

12...Those of you who have come and gone, your friendship is remembered with gratitude.

13...Last, but most certainly not least...S, the most amazing Chef and the craziest perfectionist I know. Also the most exasperating person I have had the pleasure to work with. Your Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality has driven me to the brink of violence, but as my friend you have my heart.

Four years with these men isn't very long in the scheme of things, but in the Hospitality industry in Australia, it is equivalent to a lifetime. And to the man who inspired this TT, your acceptance and friendship means the world to me. Love ya!!

Happy TT! :)


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  1. Sounds like a great bunch of guys. I find it fun to work with men too. At least most of them.

  2. You need no inspiration! You are fabulous.....xoxoo

  3. Sounds like a fun place to work!

  4. They should see this. You've made work look like fun.

  5. Great list! I'm glad you have great people to work with... even if some of them make you a bit crazy!

  6. We should all have friends like that! Happy belated 13

  7. What an interesting cast of characters you work with!

    I found a poet that I think you might like...

    He is a "friend" of mine on stumbleupon.

  8. Sounds like a great group of guys!

  9. This is a really nice post, but...I've just gotta say - that picture of the oranges at the top is so freaking funny! I'm cracking up over here.

    Phew! Ok, now that I've composed myself...happy Thursday!

  10. What a great TT! I think 4 years in the restaurant industry is a lifetime. I never worked in one longer than 1 year and I felt like a lifer then. Also, I think I worked at the American equivalent of your restaurant, complete with the eye candy pizza guys :)

  11. If the food is good, I may have to start hanging out there!

  12. Wonderful list. I work in a female dominated industry -- teaching.

    Wouldn't know what it was like to work with just men, but you made it sound intersting.

  13. Nice list. Sounds like a fun place to work.


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