Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Fourth Edition

My TT header for this week
has absolutely no relevance
to anything in my TT...just
funny and a subtle reminder
to take care of your teeth!

It's disgustingly hot here in Melbourne. And this heat is the subject of my TT, just to remind you all of what it's like to be hot rather than bone rattling cold.

1....It's 6.51am and still hot inside the house, outside is pleasant but in
no way cool. We are in for more scorching heat today.

2....There has not been an extended hot spell with Temperatures over 40C in Melbourne for 100 years.

3....Yesterday the temperature got to 43C (109F) and looks like today will be the same.

4....My almost 8 year old is laying on the floor watching Sponge Bob Square Pants looking really disheveled and bleary eyed. I am surprised at her resilience though, she is still smiling and laughing. I look like I've been run over by a truck, and feels like the truck drove on unharmed leaving me a wreck.

5....I worked last night and the night before, just getting to work seemed like a superhuman effort. I have air con in my car but getting to the car and then into work was like walking through a furnace.

6....All the staff look like I do, exhausted, hot and bothered, but still smiling. Or perhaps that is semblances of smiles behind gritted teeth. Not sure now I come to think of it.

7....I wish I could say the same for some of the customers...not everyone was all smiles and sunshine. A few of them should have gone swimming instead of dining out, that way they could have cooled off a few cranky moods. But in all it wasn't too bad, just long and hard on the body. By the end of my shift my brain had packed up and gone home before me, I always know when enough is enough, my head just refuses to work.

8....Melbourne's electricity supply is struggling with the demands of who knows how many air conditioning units working around the clock. Our train service is causing chaos for work commuters, also due to the electricity shortage, the trains are electric. And our water supply that has been short for so long is suffering too.

9....DH, almost 8 and I slept in the lounge room with our wonderful, blessed air conditioner. I arrived home to find bodies in my lounge room, alive and fast asleep. It took me a while to unwind so I could join them. I don't find it possible to go straight to sleep after working at night. Too much adrenaline running around in my body I guess.

10...Our gorgeous little white bunny, Mr. Bun E. Rabbit, is having a hard time in the heat. He has taken to lying on his side, shallow breathing and looking like he is dead, frightens me every time I see him like that. He is much loved and spoiled, I think Buns is a bit like a therapist for DH and myself. Yup, we both talk to him and tell him stuff, if that rabbit could talk...

11....My tiny back garden is looking very poorly indeed. One of my prettiest plants, a Fuchsia is very burnt, I hope it survives. The grass has gone from lush green to dirty looking brown and sad. Fortunately, from experience I know gardens are resilient.

12....It is even too hot to go to the beach during the day, well at least for me and mine. We are all fair skinned and turn lobster red very quickly. Plus I could not imagine how hot the sand would be and I'm sure I don't want to find out.

13....My eldest daughter and her two little girls are coming to visit today because it is too hot in their home. My day is looking very full already and so is my house. Three little girls holed up inside for 8 hours...well, I'm taking a deep breath and seriously in need of my first cup of coffee for today, yes I wrote thisTT without any coffee in my system. Time is up I neeeeeed coffee.

Happy TT everyone, hope your day has been exceptional in every good way.

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  1. I don't know whether the heat is worse or the cold...we have been at -35 for is just warming up now..but at least the house is bareable...

  2. We used to live where it would get hot like this...too hot to even go swimming outside!
    Be careful with your bunny, they do not tolerate the heat and will die of heat exhaustion! Bring him inside!!!

  3. Oh, you know it's cold, cold where I'm viewing your blog. Wish we could trade a little weather. Happy TT!

  4. I would be happy to ship our snow to you, It would help with both your heat and water issues!

    Try to stay cool.

  5. I dont know if I'm giving you old advice, but when it was really hot out we would freeze water in plastic continers and put them with our rabbits. They would lay down right near it.

    Thanks for coming by...I wish I could send our super cold weather to you.

  6. Oh I absolutely hate the heat, Id rather be cold. I am in a sweatshirt and warm lounge pants here and I nearly broke out into a sweat reading this poor post. I hope you get some relief, soon, especially for the Bunny!

  7. I’m not sure if the people who live surrounded by snow will appreciate your pain!

  8. I think I prefer the colder weather.


Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
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Flat Stanley near Castlemaine, Victoria.