Friday, April 10, 2009

Hell has no fury like a woman person scorned...

I do believe that is the saying used when this happens...

Frustratingly hard to fathom
the deflection of your affection
I'm the same, you're the same
what made you turn from
my direction

I'm mad as hell
not taking
it well

cursing and yelling
my thoughts are shallow
emotions hollow
the echo of your voice
will follow me into

because you don't want me


I'm not sure if this little 'ol 55 here, is tongue in cheek or I'm serious. Maybe a little bit of both. Memory, was the prompt of the day for the 30 day poetry challenge and I think that prompt triggered...dare I sat it, a memory. Either way I've written it for fun, with just an edge of sadness.

I crossed 'woman' out of the heading because i think it's short sighted, narrow and just plain ridiculous to assume men don't get hurt when they're dumped.

Peace to all... :)



  1. I've experienced that which you captured so well in your poem 55. Great writing.

    Mine's up too.

  2. I'm the same, you're the same
    what made you turn from
    my direction

    I think this part is the part of getting dumped that makes it so hard. And unless it was someone else added to the equation you usually never figure it out.

  3. Flah 55 as a poem
    Very nice.
    And fitting the poem for a day theme as well.

  4. Eaton, I've read almost 15 of these today , and yours so far is my Favorite...
    Marvelously written!!
    Thank You so much for sharing your creative genius with us all.
    Have a Happy Easter...G

  5. ooooh, i know that feeling....

  6. great 55, eaton. i might have felt like this in my life hehe memories, photos, songs, words can all trigger something in us. sometimes good sometimes bad but definitely 55 worthy :)

  7. I think everyone understands the fury of rejection. Well written.

  8. Koi shikwa bhi nahin koi ahikaayat bhi nahin/ aur tumhein hum se woh pehli si mohobbat bhi nahin ( though you do not harbor a complain , still I know your love is not the same..)

    It is an oft repeated story, and very sad indeed!

  9. Excellently crafted and wonderfully stated!

  10. Wow. Who hasn't been down this road? And it seems to always be the same story...

    This is why I prefer dogs.


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Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
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