Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Poem a day challenge and my Wordless Wednesday

Sorry about the clarity of this pic, but the little sweetie kept moving...
My granddaughter Giovanna.

Day 7 Prompt: Clean and/or Dirty

Today we had the choice of writing a poem with clean and/or dirty as the prompt. Entirely up to us if we chose to write one poem or two.

I chose to write two, with the idea of playing the innocence of babies off against adult lack of innocence. I edged around these poems for most of the day, eventually I had to get serious and
polish them up some. I went to work with them ready to post, but with the idea that I would look at them again after work, just to make sure. Heck, sure of what; I'm not sure! They are both posted on Poetic Asides as of 12 midnight, Australian time. Time to post them here. Wonder what you will think of them? :)

Tiny hands reaching
for that big red slice

watermelon juice dribbling
from your chin remnants
clinging to your skin

it's in your hair
and on your clothes
juice splashing all the
way to your toes

It's even on the tip
of your nose



What's worse

your fancy glass dome

or my broken bubble

We share the same cord

you on one end

me on the other

Hidden away in your

private palace while

I reveal my nakedness

Your price as high as diamonds

While mine is as cheap as a

bang against a wall

Who is clean, who is dirty

You're the high class one

I'm the girl on the corner

on our backs we play

the game




  1. wow, they are both soooo different, and both soooo good. and that little girl, oh how she made me smile.....

  2. I love the picture, and the first poem was so sweet, which made it an amazing foil for the darkness of the 2nd.


  3. Dang...You people write great every day!!!
    See you tomorrow Eaton Dear...G

  4. Love the photo, and the poetry. That second bit is actually kinda sad... true, but sad.

  5. This is excellent here! I like the contrast and wow..what a capture of worlds..I'm motivated today! ha-

  6. Wow I can definitely see the contrasts between the two, your grand daughter is soooo cute by the way.

    The light one was really sweet and lovely, the dark one was definitely very dark...


Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
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Flat Stanley near Castlemaine, Victoria.