Thursday, April 9, 2009

Poem a day challenge...

*The photo has nothing to do with the
poem by the way...just one I took and liked.

Day 8 Prompt: Routine

An act of conscience
out of the ordinary
ignored repetitively

Tears won't obscure
obligation or erase
words from the page

Decision screaming
through thoughts in
my head--
enough is enough


Although the prompt was routine, I think I broke the rules a little, or just went off on my own bent. The only reference or intimation I made to routine is found in the...hmmmm, maybe you can tell me if you can spot that reference.

This short piece is entirely open to interpretation which I believe is THE most exciting thing about poetry. What I write and what you read may be entirely different and yet every interpretation is right for the reader and the moment. I wrote this piece as a reminder of something I need to do, that is way overdue and out of the ordinary.



  1. to me it felt you are toooooo busy.

  2. ignored repetitively

    I love this poem. you're right, everyone makes poetry their own by putting themselves into it. And what struck me was the fact that some words can never be erased.


  3. ...Tears won't obscure obligation or erase words from the page...

    are you talking about the routine of doing this challenge? ;)

    the last stanza seems to say you can't pick what to write about.

    of course interpretation of poetry is something I was never very good at according to my High School English teachers.

  4. I do so much like this piece as much for your explanation as the work itself. I have been experimenting in the arena I call "Relevant Poetry."

    As poets we present an image, specific enough to be seen but leave it to the reader to carry it to the place that makes it relevant to them.

    Well done Eaton.

  5. That was really touching, I feel a bit nervous analysing it because I'm usually analysing poems by dead people/people too famous to care what I say.

    It's really deep even though it's short and it hits a chord deep down, really well written


Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
click on the photo for link

Flat Stanley near Castlemaine, Victoria.