Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - 14 th week of the new TT

This weeks Thursday Thirteen is a tour of the most famous and infamous city beach suburb near Melbourne...St. Kilda. It has always been a favorite place to visit during the day and night. When I was a child my parents and I would spend our Christmas holidays lazing on the beach, sleeping and eating. The darker side of the suburb was not so out in the open back then.

A week ago I spent a few hours in St. Kilda. By day it is a fashionable, very trendy street full of coffee shops, restaurants, clothing stores and interesting things for a lens happy person like me. This suburb is only a stones throw from downtown Melbourne and by night is the red light district. During the day this suburb looks just like any other, by night it takes on a sleazy face that is pretty ugly. It amazes me that a place can have two different personalities, so incredibly different.

I found a park and this Moreton Bay Fig took my fancy. The Canopy of branches and leaves is huge and the root system is all light and shadow...irresistible to me and my lens

This very strange looking thing is the lower trunk of the palm tree in the photo below. I thought it very curious that three quarters of the palm is ordinary palm trunk and the bottom three feet is like this just before the dirt. I know these palms are very old, perhaps that's why they look like this. Any body know?

I have noticed of late there are not a lot of birds around, flying in formation or sitting on wires like there used to be. So when I saw this group of pigeons I took a series of snaps just in case I don't see any again for a long time.

After photographing the pigeons on the wire I saw this bird coming toward me and really you have to laugh cos it's not much of a was part of being in St. Kilda that day.

I have so many places I want to photograph in Melbourne and too little time. Hmm there's more than 13 photos...bonus! Happy TT! :)

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  1. Yeah, it mostly looks harmless enough.

  2. cool pictures!

    about the palm... Palms have very short root systems, I hear that pushing one over is very easy. What I think has happened to that tree is that the soil that was once around the base has been erroded away. The palm, determined to stay there, has just dug deeper while leaving it's upper roots exposed. but I'm not expert...this is just my thinking. ;)

  3. Very beautiful...I must come visit you one of these days! You should work for travel and tourism...xooxox

  4. Oh, you make me want to visit! Maybe someday.

  5. beautiful shots, especially the 7th one!

  6. I like that outdoor cafe (franks's -caps on PLACE).. I always loved outdoor cafe's.
    That mirror with the vine above it..even the the lights above that is awesome..then the tree below. Now the park..what a beautiful tree, the roots (just love roots like this- magnificant huh..they look like huge toes! The Palms are truly amazing like that. We have some triangle palms and they have some interesting growth going on. These are all great shots very best to you as well this Easter!

  7. Your photos are beautiful! I love the Moreton Bay Fig.

  8. Beautiful colorful!


  9. St Kilda is always fun - during daylight hours. I love its little nooks and crannies, the coffee shops and the bustle with so many different characters.
    June also in Oz

  10. I wish I could see it al in person.


Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
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Flat Stanley near Castlemaine, Victoria.