Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day!

I was totally unprepared
for for that first look into
your innocent face
the instinct to protect and
nurture overwhelming

no previous experience could
have prepared me for the
moment when selflessness
was required twenty four
hours a day

or for the countless sleepless
nights the first temperature
and cutting teeth

nothing prepared me for the
love that lasts way beyond
childhood into rebellion and
out the other side--an adult

But here I am
a mom

still so often unprepared
for you or motherhood

I've been a mom a long time now, (not giving away how long, that would be too telling) and I see Mother's day as just another one of those Hallmark card days, consumerism the name of the game. Never have really promoted it in my family, but have been fortunate enough that my kids care and pay me special attention on the day. They love me, really love me.

There have been times I've failed them, not been what they expected. Unable to give of myself for one reason or another. They still love me!

Those kids of mine have led me on an incredible journey filled with exasperation, fear, joy and some emotions and feelings I'm not sure I can even name. The ones I can't name are probably the ones that keep me up nights and frighten the heck out of me. So... here's to Motherhood and my sister Moms all over the planet, have a wonderful day. I got a feeling you deserve it.

PS: Thanks to the Daddy's who made us mommy's :))



  1. Thank you Eaton, I´m glad you mentioned the dad´s too! What would we be without them.
    Happy Mother´s day!!

  2. Hey there- I've let my kids down too and it is amazing, is all I can say when..there they are! Mine were not planned as my life was rolling like a river..ha. All what you go through..yes, it's a journey! So true & very well put. Have a Blessed Motherss Day Today Eaton-

  3. Awesome! You've filled in so many of those feelings and experiences that make Motherhood the challenge and bliss that it can be. And you are certainly right, it doesn't end, or even get easier as the children get older, it's often harder.
    Happy Mother's Day, and you've never failed your children, no one is perfect, and every mom, and dad, is new at the game once. Children are strong and resilient, they don't expect, or often need perfection, just love.

  4. i don't think anyone can prepare for motherhood. it's something you feel and experience. happy mother's day!

  5. I enjoyed this poem and your comments - hope you had a joyful day yesterday - i found it interesting in your end comments about being mom that you used a different font for joy :0)


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Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
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