Thursday, May 14, 2009

Royal Pink!

This week I'm giving you a nonsensical peek at, my life that is. Poetry seemed beyond me today, who knows why, I sure don't! But I do have something to throw into the 55 pot and that's good, right? :)

Washing dishes, thinking about 55 words, I look up and catch a garish pink hue reflected in the window.

I'm still wearing the gaudy, hot pink crown adorned with fake jewels, my very own eight year old pretend princess, plonked on my head an hour ago.

By her hand, all is right in my day!


Her crown is sparkly emerald green and looks much better on her pretty head than mine does on me. But hey, I do look kinda cute!

If you've written a 55 word story, drop
in on G-Man, leave a comment and he
will pay you a visit.



  1. you and the image of the crown, washing dishes, brought a great big smile to my face. have a great weekend!

  2. Now that conjures up a marvellous image :-)

  3. I've been reading such sad 55s that I needed one like this to lift the day.
    Great 55

  4. Well done Eaton...and a child shall lead them eh?

  5. Cinderella, come hither!!!

    Mine's posted too, it's "Haunting". Have a great weekend.

  6. I'm back...
    Of course you can use my 55 button if you wish, but I can go one better for you...

    Here, you can make your colors to match your blog style. Just follow the leads, and choose colors...etc. etc. etc. And it!!!!

  7. The love for our kids, let´s us do funny stuff...... :)

  8. We knew a Queen once. She was very tasty as was the King. But we don't do that any more.
    Good up lifting 55.

  9. Very Nicely done Eaton...
    It made me smile...
    Creativity does not need to be nerve racking...hehehehe
    Thanks for sharing and playing.

    BTW...Loved the T-Bird!!

    Have a Great Week-End...G

  10. Aww, very sweet, Eaton. And very poetic. I love it.

  11. I bet your daughter thought you looked like a queen! :)

    Great 55 m'dear. :)

  12. Great visual image (and sounds like a good day with your princess, too!)

  13. I love to pretend to be a princess too!

    Great musing!

  14. hehe but you know that garish pink crown is too cute cos the precious 8 yr old princess made it. cute 55.

  15. Queen for a day...hey, why not...the queen of Dishes rules!
    Nice image...made me smile :)

  16. I really liked this, Eaton. Reminds me of when my girls tried to dress me up in some of their dress-up clothes. That's a long time ago now - the youngest is now 20. You've got to enjoy them while you can!
    Take care,


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