Friday, December 10, 2010

first love? 55 Flash Fiction Friday...

I need 55 words to describe
the moment
the unprecedented moment -
boy meets girl’s parents
poor boy
looking calm
breathing easy
brave - shaking like a bowl of jello

the girl is so nervous she
introduces them as mom and dad
the guy floundering
says hi Mom, hi Dad...
one eye on the exit


True story, happened at my house this Friday 10th December, 2010.  :))

Have a happy, fun filled weekend 55'ers everywhere!

Visit G-daddy at Mr.Knowitall for great 55 words of wisdom, witt and wonder.

lots of love,



  1. hehe...ugh i remember that the pitof my stomach...smiles.

  2. Awww Eaton...
    I Love real life 55's
    Your's was perfect.
    Thank you so much for your well wishes.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  3. An uncomfortable moment for all involved I'm sure. Nice to see you back doing a 55.

  4. Eaton, this is darling. Thanks! Big smiles. Hugs!

  5. Hey there Eaton! I wanted to comment last night via my phone but nothing would go through? I even re-started my mini computer ha. Normally I can click the link above but same post)? So I'm here to say what a cute story this was! I can imagine..this put a smile on my face!!
    Thanks for visiting me problem just as long as you don't stay away too long! (lol)

  6. Here is the end of the year awards 4 you, enjoy!

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Your support has been a delight to us, at this time of the year, We wish you all the best !

    Link up a poem to our potluck today, We send blessings all the way to brighten your day!

  7. Checking to see in any new posts, Eaton, and also hope you had a pleasant holiday and best wishes for the new year.

    What a fabulous header - it's a celebration! Lovely.

  8. Beautiful header!! Just wanted to wish you and yours a lovely weekend and warmest wishes for a bright New Year!! Hope your Christmas was delightful! Look forward to more of your inspirational posts in the coming year-
    Hugs, Regina-

  9. What a great 55! I love it. Thanks for the smile and the music.
    All sweet stuff to end the year and start anew.

  10. delightful! i'm so glad to be past that stage, heee hee heee


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Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
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