Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - 8th Week of the New TT!

Thirteen photos of Melbourne from a bridge

This weeks Thursday Thirteen is brought to you, by me
traveling across the Westgate Bridge, by car. This bridge
collapsed in 1971, killing 35 workmen, injuring many and
scaring me out of my wits. I've found the easiest way for me
to passenger across this bridge is to take photos out the
car window and windscreen. That way I don't have to think
about actually being on that bridge. I don't like to drive
across it either, but we do what we have to do...

The photos below are a collection of a number of trips
from one side of Melbourne to the other. I love that
photography absorbs me. I get so caught up in it that
I honestly forget about how high that bridge is and
how far it once fell.

Happy TT everyone. :)

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  1. Good to know you weren't driving when you caught these! Great job, especially from a moving platform. That's not an easy task (I've done it many times).

    Nice tour!

  2. Bridges scare me too, a bit. Which didn't stop me from climbing the one in Sydney!

  3. That's a heckuva bridge! Great shots :-)

  4. you folks drive backwards! ;) just kidding. we yanks drive on the wrong side I guess. So far I haven't been in a country that drives on the left.

    Great pictures. Glad they helped you with your trip. Do you take pictures each time?

  5. Thanks for the photos... they are great and Melbourne looks like a great place.

  6. Those are fantastic shots, nice Thursday!

  7. Forget the camera! I'd need a heavy dose of xanax to cross that bridge! LOL
    Great pics tho! Love seeing pics of your country

  8. Ok, that's just freakin' cool! thanks for sharing! YAY!! I love getting a chance to see someone else's life from their eyes

  9. I love bridges! ...although I definately wouldn't want to be on it when it collapsed.

  10. Great photos - amazing how much they look like my own hometown when seen from the highway. Frankly, I'm petrified of bridges. If I could close my eyes while driving over them, I would!

  11. I love bridges! These pictures are great, although it is a bit disconcerting to see all those people driving on the wrong side of the road.

  12. Melbourne looks like a fun city. I'd love to visit someday. Just don't tell me which bridge it was that collapsed...


Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
click on the photo for link

Flat Stanley near Castlemaine, Victoria.