Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

1...See that little picture of the ant and the crackers above, well I have felt a bit like that little 'ol
ant today, a bit burdened and weighed down. Although the weather was perfect, I wasn't. Something was chewing away inside of me that I didn't and still don't have an answer for.

2....So to help take my mind of it all I visited my oldest daughter and two of my granddaughters. I took another three of my daughters with me. One more daughter unfortunately lives just over an hour away and couldn't be with us. Confusing huh? :)

3....My almost 17 year old spending the night with her big sister, was another reason for the visit. Plus my 6 year old granddaughter and her almost 8 year old auntie are the best of friends and are always looking for opportunities to get together to play.

4....And for me to just hang out with my kids is always a pleasure!
It's fun and noisy and family and there's a whole lot of love between those kids of ours. But still I couldn't unwind completely.

5....Their laughter and playing around with each other makes me laugh and I feel very rewarded as a mom. It's beautiful to see them so close.

6....Even so, I just couldn't seem to find the balance I needed even in the company of my girls.

7....So I am still trying to relax on the 40 minute drive home. Traffic jams and half road closed stoppages and the loud music my 13 year old was listening to (which by the way, I did an admirable job of blocking out) did absolutely zilch toward improving my emotional state.

8....For those of you who don't know, I have seven, yup, seven kids. Two boys and five girls, all of 'em treasures. They are my joy and sometimes my frustration and a big part of my value of who I am in this world.

9...I mentally roll my eyes when people say to me, "Oh my, you are a glutton for punishment. All those kids. Don't you have a TV!"
I love each and every one of those seven kids, how could I not. My flesh and blood.

10...Even when they are driving me crazy with demands and issues and worrying the heck out me, wondering if they are okay. And so far they are all okay. Their adventures and forays into adulthood have certainly been interesting and in some instances downright dangerous.
By the grace of God they are alive and well. Blessed, yes I believe we are.
*Sigh* We still have three to get to adult hood.

11...Being with my girls today was good, very good. Helped me think about more than just my own issues. But the real turning point for my getting myself together was the quote below.
I found it on A Little Piece of Me while I was supposedly preparing dinner.

12..."It has been said that our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, but only empties today of its strength." ~ Charles Spurgeon

13...A freeing truth for me in those words.

Happy TT! :)



  1. yeah...I hate that glutton for punishment comment...If i didn't want five kids....then i wouldn't have them...and personally, i think they have made me a better person...

    anyways..when our girls got older...we got bored...we enjoyed having little people around..which is why we had two more!

    (the pregnancys are pretty punishing though...)

  2. I never thought I would say this, but I envy you for having so many kids and still having some at home. It is pretty hard being alone again and not being able to just go and visit them.
    I¨m glad you had a good time!

  3. I'm gald that you had a good day with most of your girls, and I hope you are feeling a bit more centered today!


  4. Yes, our children do drive us nuts sometimes huh? But we'd be lost without them! Happy Thursday!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your girls! I hope you are feeling more yourself today!

  6. good for you, Eaton, for taking joy in your family. I often think there might be jealousy behind comments some people make about others....
    Great quote, I am going to have to share that one around
    happy Thursday. Or, well, now Friday, in your part of our world...

  7. just stopping by to say you are letter *C*

  8. Beautiful food for thought ;oD

  9. It's so easy to say "let your anxieties go. They do you no good," and so hard to actually do it.


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