Friday, November 5, 2010

55 Flash Fiction Friday ~ Healing...

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Stars fell into my eyes
I cried, blinded by the power
of creation in its luminary glory
my tears dripped one by one into a vial
at the foot of God’s throne -  stored there
for an Aeon, a time span unknown 
and although I am small,
I am not lesser
nor am I alone.


This was written for a dear friend who is very ill and at the time I wrote it we did not know how serious the illness is. This feels like a prayer and understanding that God is in charge no matter what is going on with us.

G-daddy and my favorite 55'ers have a wonderful Friday and weekend.

lots of love,



  1. A beautiful reflection, and the best attitude to have.

  2. we are never tryly alone...and that is comforting...

  3. Awwww...How beautiful.
    You are just a fountain of brilliance Eaton.
    Loved your 55.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  4. Wonderful 55, Eaton - full of promise and hope.

  5. Woohoo!! Amen to that, Eaton! Awesome!
    As solitary as we think we are, well, we are quite mistaken indeed! But oh yea... the immensity of the universe beyond our own selves sure makes it appear very insignificant though! hehe

  6. so good to know we're not alone..this touched my heart

    my 55 is here

  7. and although I am small,
    I am not lesser
    nor am I alone...

    you are so smart,
    love these lines.
    well done 55.

  8. a comfort to know your dear friend is in loving arms. Beautiful 55 to remind us where our significance lies

    moon hugs


Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright
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Flat Stanley near Castlemaine, Victoria.